International UFO Reporter DVD

The International UFO Reporter (IUR) of the Center for UFO Studies has been published continuously since 1976. It was begun by Dr. Hynek in the early years of CUFOS and carried on by a small band of dedicated editors and contributors. Most observers consider IUR the leading English-language UFO journal, and the articles in IUR have chronicled the changes in the UFO phenomenon and the interests of those who have studied it.

Unfortunately, support for IUR had greatly declined as the internet and cable television have become the preferred source for UFO information for many. At the same time, we realize that electronic methods of information distribution, whether they be an online version of IUR, podcasts, videos, blogs, or online databases, have a much greater reach than our printed publications. Given the CUFOS mission of widely disseminating reliable information on the UFO phenomenon, the CUFOS board was faced with a difficult decision on the future of IUR, one intertwined with the long-term viability of the organization itself.

Thus, regretfully we announced that IUR (Vol. 34, No. 2) was the last in-print version. We very much hope, and expect, that putting our efforts in other projects and forms of media will lead to far more viewers of CUFOS content.

However, very few people have a complete collection of IUR, and obtaining hard copies has been possible, but expensive. Now, to make IUR more broadly available, the complete set of issues of IUR has been scanned and converted to PDF format and is available on one DVD. This set includes volumes 1 through 34, from 1976 through 2012. Each volume is contained in one PDF file, and the text is searchable.

Also included, as a bonus, are issues 1 through 24 of the Center Investigator’s Quarterly, which was the chief communication about CUFOS investigations and procedures in the early days of CUFOS. These issues have rarely been available before.


The complete DVD is available for $100, which includes postage and handling. You can order by PayPal, by credit card, or by check or money order. For a mail in order print off the order form, check off International UFO Reporter under CUFOS Periodicals and send your order with payment to to CUFOS at P.O. Box 31335, Chicago, IL 60631. Include type of credit card (Visa, etc.), credit card number, and expiration date. Make checks payable to CUFOS. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing and shipping.

There are also some back issues still available. Please contact us to see if we can meet your needs.