Martin Shough

Martin Shough is the author of: 'Radar & the UFO,' in UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-year Search for an Explanation, (Evans & Spencer, eds., Fortean Times: London, 1987); 'Radar-Visual Encounter at Bentwaters,' in Phenomenon (Futura: London, 1988); 'A Review of Twenty-One Ground and Airborne Radar UAP Contact Reports Generally Related to Aviation Safety for the Period October 15, 1948 to September 19, 1976,' (NARCAP Technical Report # 6, 2002); 'A Social History of Ball Lightning', (Magonia, 81, May 2003 pp.3-8); 'Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena Observed near Channel Islands, UK, 23 April 2007' (JSE, Vol. 22, No.3, pp 291-308, 2008) and 'Report on Aerial Phenomena Observed near the Channel Islands , UK, April 23 2007' (UPIAR, Torino, Italy, 2008; both with J-F Baure, D.Clarke & P. Fuller); 'Radar Coverage & Propagation Conditions' (Pt 2, Section 6.0 in: R.F.Haines et al., Report of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and its Safety Implications at O'Hare International Airport on November 7, 2006, NARCAP TR#10 2007) ; 'Radar detection of Spherical Targets', (in: Dr. R. F. Haines, editor-in-chief, Project Sphere, 2.3, NARCAP Technical Report #14, 2010); 'Spheres in Airborne UAP Imagery' (with V-J Ballester Olmos, FOTOCAT Report #5 Sept. 2009; NARCAP TR#14 2010); 'The Singular Adventure of Mr Kenneth Arnold' (2010); 'Anomalous Echoes Captured by a B-52 Airborne Radarscope Camera: A Preliminary Report' in Report on 1968 Minot AFB sightings, by Tom Tulien); ''Return of the Flying Saucers: A fresh look at the sighting that started it all' (Darklore, Vol.5, pp. 68-99, 2010); and other publications. He compiled and evaluated a large catalogue of radar cases (RADCAT) presently being extended by NICAP (for which organisation he is an 'A-Team' adviser). He has worked with Dr. David Clarke on analyses of a number of UK military radar reports dating back to 1946, notably the iconic Lakenheath-Bentwaters sightings of 1956. He is a UK Research Associate for the National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena, at the invitation of NARCAP Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Haines.

Martin Shough was born in 1953, educated at Varndean Grammar School, Brighton, and studied photography and print science at London College of Printing, now London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. He has been a photolithographer, landscape artist and semi-professional musician. Interests include violin, mandolin, guitar and piano, hillwalking and theoretical physics. He worked as a professional landscape painter in the north of Scotland for 15 years, whilst also pursuing writing and research. He presently lives in a glen in Ross-shire in the Scottish Highlands.

Aerial Phenomena Studies