UFO Investigator and 
Selected NICAP Documents


Now available on CD-ROM UFO Investigator and Selected NICAP Documents.  This is the original newsletter published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) from July 1957 to June 1980 (162 issues) now in digitized format. In addition, the following publications have been included:  Affiliate Newsletter, UFO Quarterly Review, Special "Confidential" Bulletins, "The Year of the UFO, A Special Calendar of Historical Highlights", and finally over 300 select NICAP documents (jpg format) giving over 1600 pages in this collection. 

Read the original correspondence of  T. Townsend Brown, Donald Keyhoe and John Acuff  as well as other NICAP staff, some of the NICAP founding documents, NICAP Tentative Prospectus, NICAP struggles and crisis and finally NICAP's transfer to CUFOS. As an added bonus a "complete copy" of the very rare UFO's Secrecy Danger's & Evidence 1960 document sent to Congress is included. 

This collection of searchable PDF files will speed up the most avid researchers hunt for those buried gems of information at the click of a button. A boom and time saver for those with paper collections and a treasure trove to those who until now never had access to this collection. This is a CD no serious researcher can do without and those just interested in UFOlogy can read fascinating original UFO articles and reports.  Now offered for the very reasonable price of $50.00 including S/H. A very brief overview of NICAP is available on Wikipedia.

"The single most influential UFO organization in history, NICAP, expired more than two decades ago. Now its remarkable background of publications and selected historical documents is once again available through the Center for UFO Studies, custodian of NICAP's archive, by way of a unique CD that opens the door back to those exciting days of military and congressional involvement in UFO research"  Barry Greenwood, Clear Intent

"It's a massive collection of impossibly difficult-to-obtain internal NICAP documents and all of its outstanding publications, many of which remain unexplored because of their scarcity. This is a must-get collection if you want the inside story of UFOlogy from the beginning."  Brad Sparks

To purchase print off the order form and made your check or money order for $50.00 (P/H included) payable to CUFOS. Credit cards are also accepted as well as phone orders. Expect 4-5 weeks for delivery. Illinois residence add 9% for sales tax for a total of $54.50.  

Correction: In the UFOI folder  #80 OCTOBER 1972 should read #80 NOVEMBER 1972